Diana R8

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Previous Names:Hayseed VII, Kathea
Sail Number:R8
Designer:William Starling Burgess
Class: R-Class
Current Condition:Sailing
Description of Condition:Sailed out of NYC Toronto
Location:1 stadium Rd, Toronto, Ontario




Diana was commissioned as Hayseed VII for H.L. Bowden from the design firm of Burgess, Swasy & Paine. Launched in 1924 from her builder J.E. Graves of Marblehead, MA. She was immediately purchased by J.R. Stebbins of Chaumont, NY and renamed Kathea. Kathea’s racing successes were many on Lake Ontario and attracted the attention of the then commodore of National Yacht Club, Mr. Harry Howard. Commodore Howard brought Kathea to National Yacht Club in 1948 and he renamed her Diana. Her career at NYC was extraordinary, having won all major races available to her and proudly representing National Yacht Club on the Lake Ontario regatta circuit. Diana went through a number of owners with predictable consequences. Nic Reimann purchased Diana in 2004 and over the following four years restored her to her former glory. Diana is once again racing on Lake Ontario and continues her tenure at National Yacht Club. There is a nice write up about previous diana owner Allan Scott which includes images of Diana from the 1960s.

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