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Classic R Boats Sailing Sodus Bay

Classic R-Class Yachts racing in Sodus Point, New York. Circa the 1970s


The R-Class yacht design is based on the Universal Rule and was popular during the 1920's. Over the last decade many R's that were thought to have been lost have reemerged out of workshops all over North America looking as good as new. Two predominant styles of restoration are evident, classic restorations with wooden spars and booms and "classic" sails, and the racing restoration with self tailing winches, aluminum masts, and modern sails. There seem to be 4 fleets of R's. The west coast, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and New England. This website is an attempt to have a central database which lists all the currently active R's and to help those who are interested in restoring an R locate the remaining boats. If you have information about an R-Boat that is sailing at your club or is sitting disused in a barn, back yard, garage, field or parking lot, please feel free to contribute what information you may have.

Each boat has a detail page with and pictures, notes and comments, you can click on the name of a boat below to visit the detail page.

The number of R's currently actively sailed according to database: 26

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The Rule

As mentioned above, the R-Class rule was know as the 20 footer, for boats measuring into the universal rule below a total rule measurement of 20' where all measurements were in feet and pounds.

On Lake Ontario, the Lake Ontario R-Class association developed their own updated version of their local rule. This version is used to measure in boats on the lake for the many annual regattas where they race level. The highlight being the annual LYRA regatta where the R's have perpetually raced for the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup since it was deeded to the class in 1926.

There is demand among owners to develop a revised version of the rule that might apply to boats from all over which would offer an opportunity to organize racing with more of these lovely boats.


Sail NumberImageNameStatus Long DescriptionStatus / ConditionPrevious Name(s)LOALWLBeamDraftIJPEDisplacementCurrent CityDesignerYear DesignedBuilderYear BuiltCurrent Owner
R-20NayadaSailing out of Sodus Bay NYSailing26.67431 Irwin Street, Sodus Point, NY, USAT.F. BensonDitchburn Boat Works1923
R5Jack TarRestored in MaineSailing36'24'7'4"5' 6" Southwest Harbor, MaineTams, Lemoine & CraneWood & McClure1916
R02ScorpionSailed out of ClevelandSailing200 Yacht Club Drive, Cleveland, OH
R1AlohaSailed out of Sidney BCSailingSidney British Columbia
R10AceCurrently Sailed out of SDYC in San Diego CaliforniaSailing43'27'7.5'6'13,000 lbs SDYC in San Diego CaliforniaCharles Mower, New York1926Madden & Lewis, Sausalito CA1926
R11PENOBSCOTCurrently Sailed out of MaineSailing3725.58611000Charles R. Mower1923Hodgdon Bros., Boothbay, Maine1923
R11PirateSailed out of SeattleSailing40’ 3”8’ 6”5’ 5”10,900 lbs1010 Valley St # Main, Seattle, WAL.E. (Ted) Geary1926Lake Union Dry Dock Company1926
R115Lovely LadySailed out of ClevelandSailing200 Yacht Club Drive, Cleveland, OH
R13GYPSYSailed out of Ashbridges Bay, Ontario, CanadaSailing30 Ashbridges Bay Park Rd, Toronto, ON
R25ACADIA IISailing out of Sodus Bay Yacht ClubSailing29.176.1130007431 Irwin Street, Sodus Point, NY, USAJerry Dodge
R26ValSailing out of Sidney Nova Scotia. Commissioned by Samuel McLaughlin Owner of GM CanadaSailingEleanor39 ft. 3 in.26 ft. 3 in6 ft. 9 in5 ft. 10 in.Sidney Nova ScotiaBingley Benson1925Unknown (Built in Oakville Ontario)1926unknown
R3Ruweida VRestored at IYRS in 2011. Currently For SaleSailingWynnewood, PA, USAWilliam Starling Burgess1926Lawley, IYRS
R3VITESSESailed out Of Sodus BaySailing7431 Irwin Street, Sodus Point, NY, USAJohn Alden1926
R38Bernida Sailed out of Lake St ClairSailing38'24' 3"8'5' 4"10,000 lbsGeorge Owen1921George Lawley & Sons1921Michigan Maritime Museum
R40ArrowOut of Gypsy Mould. Currently sailed out of St Clair Marine in the town of LaSalle Ontario Canada. She is active on the Detroit River and Lake Erie.SailingRenegade4026.566.5150002650 Front Rd Windsor, ONFrank C Paine1927Wiggers1989
R40GAMECOCKRestored in MaineSailingnortheast harbor, maine
R41FIFISailing the classic mediterranean circuit in EuropeSailingSCURRY, BOW-WOW40′ 1"26'5"7'4"5'9"13000Southern FranceWilliam Fife IIIHenry B. Nevins1925Jim Ross
R47ARDETTESailed out of ClevelandSailing200 Yacht Club Drive, Cleveland, OHMower
R5Cotton BlossomSailed out of ClevelandSailing200 Yacht Club Drive, Cleveland, OH
R54PUFFINSailed out of ClevelandSailing200 Yacht Club Drive, Cleveland, OH
R58SHADOWCurrently being sailed out of Sodus Bay New YorkSailing41'27.57'6'13000lbs7431 Irwin Street, Sodus Point, NY, USAJohn Alden19251925
R6Pop-N-JackSailed out of ClevelandSailing39.62776.536.8311.5431912000lbs200 Yacht Club Drive, Cleveland, OHshomer/fiberglass copy of orig wood boat1957Charley Bredt
R7Lady VanSailed out of Vancouver BCSailing38.9522.867.15.4136.2510.544.3319.7584553811 Point Grey Road VancouverCamper & Nicholson1927Vancouver Dry Dock1928
R7MarcarleSailing out of Collingwood OntarioSailing
R8DianaSailed out of NYC TorontoSailingHayseed VII, Kathea25.51 stadium Rd, Toronto, OntarioWilliam Starling Burgess
R51ButterflySailing out of Chester Yacht Club, Chester NSSailing39' 1.5Chester, NSBurgess/Lawley
R15ArcherSailed out of NYC TorontoRestoration In ProgressDiana of Hastings40'27'6'13000lbsLondon, Ontario, CanadaFrank Paine1927Nye Yachts1994Ryan Marr
R18FANTOMEUndergoing restoration in Sodus Point New York.Restoration In ProgressOpeechee II26.5Sodus Point, NY, USA
R-943NirwanaSame design as Scrapper IIRestoration In Progress382385ft 5inches8900George Owen19121912
R?SCRAPPER IIBeing restored by "Kids and Classics" charityRestoration In Progress382385ft 5inches89001912
R22VIVIARestoration has begun and is currently owned by Bruce CorleyRestoration In Progress36.5' 22.5'8.1'4.2'Norval OntarioGeorge Owen19101911
R50BOB KATRecently purchased by Timm Sahs and being restored in Treverse City Michigan.Restoration In ProgressTraverse City Michigan
R1HighlanderSitting in a field outside of TorontoOn the hard27.7William James Roué
R?DebraUsed to be based out of Catalina Island Yacht Club in 1930'sMissing/Unknown
R14COTTON BLOSSOMMissing/UnknownEllen
R16YANKEEMissing/Unknown37'6"6'8"L. Francis Herreshoff1925Britt Bros1925
R21UNIS IIMissing/Unknown
R22ALERT IIIMissing/Unknown
R42MANHASSET IIMissing/Unknown
R7STRANGER IIMissing/Unknown
R8MOJOLA (ex. BONNIE LASSIE?)Missing/Unknown
R?RascalUnknown current statusMissing/UnknownLester StoneLester Stone
R57ARDELLEDestroyed, Sunk. 2018Destroyed/Sunk
R11TOBASCODestroyed in fire. Actively sailed until 1970Destroyed/Sunk HerschoffGraves, Marblehead, Ma
R2GossoonCut up in Sodus BayDestroyed/Sunk
R51KATHEA IICut up in Sodus BayDestroyed/SunkDANDELION
R6LIVE YANKEEShe went from Chicago to Cleveland where she was broken up after racing for several years.Destroyed/Sunk39'6"6'6"L. Francis Herreshoff1927Britt Bros1927
R1Sir TomScuttled for lead ballast (1950s)Destroyed/Sunk38′ 0″23’0″7′ 10″5’6″8,500 lbsL.E. “Ted” GearyJohnson Bros. & Blanchard boatyard1913